EVIX-ONE™ is a solution enabling multicenter collaborative research leveraging EvidNet’s network. Take a glance at descriptive statistics and visualizations of partner hospitals’ data and remotely design and execute studies. Conduct various analyses from simple cohort definitions to complex comparative effectiveness studies and AI modeling.

- Data network platform service

- Descriptive statistics and visualizations of partner hospitals’ data

​- Remote study design and analyses

Multicenter collaborative research support

Interactively engage with ATLAS

Simultaneous execution of research codes at authorized sites -

View and download research analyses results -

Integrated R Shiny View -

Collaborative Research Process









Create Project

Select research question

IRB approval

Find co-researchers

Create estimation/prediction analysis

Import analysis code from ATLAS

Execute analysis code to multiple authorized sites

Review results

Download results and visualizations

View visualizations via R Shiny



EVIX-MART™ is an on-demand ETL and data quality management service. Based on our experience working with structured and unstructured hospital EMR data, we can convert, expand, extend, and integrate data from various sources including national claims data (HIRA/NHIS), national statistics data (Statistics Korea), medical imaging data, genomic data and patient generated health data (PGHD).



Through EVIX-FIND™, EvidNet provides fast-track aggregated patient count query services for your eligibility criteria of interest.

Leveraging our standardized data network of more than 30 hospitals in Korea,

we can quickly identify the number of patients matching

your clinical trial-specific eligibility criteria.

Results are provided within 10 business days after receipt of request in the form of a report with relevant tables and funnel charts, enabling you to assess the impact of individual eligibility criteria. Breakdown of patient numbers per hospital and contact points at each hospital can also be provided should you wish to engage individual hospitals for patient enrollment into your clinical trial.


EVIX-FIND™ can streamline your clinical trial operations by reducing time and cost in finding eligible sites and patients and minimizing protocol amendments.














Inclusion 1

Inclusion 2

Inclusion 3

Exclusion 1

Initial event

Exclusion 2

Age ≥ 18 years

Eligibility Criteria

Currently using insulin 20,000

HbA1c ≥ 6%

Prior use of loop diuretics

Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Heart failure within last 6m

Patients Funnel Chart



EVIX-RESEARCH™ is an on-demand, contract retrospective research service using EvidNet’s RWD/RWE Platform.

We can address all types of research questions, such as comparative effectiveness and safety studies, postmarketing surveillance studies, change in specific lab test results after the administration of a specific drug and predicting adverse drug reactions.


Through EVIX-RESEARCH™, you can review feasibility and anticipate the success rate of your clinical trials, generate supportive evidence for traditional RCTs and prepare supplementary documentation for submission to regulatory authorities such as MFDS.

Depending on your external use and publication needs, EVIX-RESEARCH™ classified into two types: pilot study or full study. Study lead time varies depending on study type (pilot/full), study complexity and time to complete participating hospitals’ administrative procedures but a typical pilot study requires 1~3 months for completion.


Study results are provided in the form of a report with relevant tables and figures, including baseline characteristics table, patient flow diagram and statistical analysis results. In case of full study projects, we additionally support manuscript preparation for scientific publications.



EVIX-PV/PMS™ is an on-demand, postmarketing surveillance (PMS) service using EvidNet’s RWD/RWE Platform.

Through EVIX-PV/PMS™, EvidNet provides RWD-based postmarketing surveillance services in compliance with these revisions.

* Please contact us for more information.

On December 16th, 2019, MFDS announced a revision of its

「Guideline on Re-Examination on Affairs of New Drugs, etc.」

In this revised guideline, “database studies” were officially added as a mean of postmarketing surveillance and is defined as studies using medical information databases, i.e. patient medical records, health insurance claims data, patient registration system and other data on patient health status collected over a period of time and systematically computerized. As per the new guideline, database studies may be conducted to detect or identify drug adverse events and information on drug effectiveness and safety.



EVIX-EXPLO™ is a graphic user interface(GUI)-based exploratory data analysis (EDA) tool. Using EVIX-EXPLO™, anyone can perform data analytic without the need for coding. Conduct end to end analyses from dataset creation to viewing analysis results in a web environment.

Conduct end to end analyses

in a web environment

Simple & Accurate

Speedy & Efficient

Any Data Connectivity

GUI-based analysis process design

Data preprocessing and descriptive statistics

Create various visualizations

No-code statistics

Custom statistical function component and options available (self-validation)

In-memory data processing

Minimization of network costs through data compression

Support for various file types

(Flat files, relational databases, etc.)

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) Tool

- Data preprocessing functions such as table joining, categorizing continuous data, filtering, etc.

- Statistics analysis functions such as basic statistics, normality tests, t-tests, proportion tests, ANOVA tests, correlation analyses, regression analyses, survival analyses, etc.

- Dynamic visualization functions to produce various charts and graphs

- Universal tool supporting not only data in CDM format but also data owned by individual researcher, pharmaceutical companies and CROs, as well as public data released by governmental organizations.




Experience RWE based on HIRA (national claims data) and hospital EMR data.

Gain various insights on top 500 diseases in Korea such as frequently

prescribed drugs, procedures, and lab tests.



Do you require deeper RWE insights? Experience rich information

on specific cohorts of your interests. EVIX-INSIGHT PRO™ is planned for launch

in the second half of 2020.



Integrate and manage your scattered medical history, receive personalized health information, and file insurance claims. EVIX-HEALTH™ is a one-stop solution for all your personal health records.

Coming to you soon in 2020.

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